Posted by: kimmuel | 11/05/2011

dreams (1st goal for the month)

A thought bothered me today.

I was reading a blog of a friend which barely talked about goals and dreams in life. And then a thought came to my mind:

Here I am, spending my midnight browsing the blogosphere, and will post something about dreams. It’s weird though, that I am full of dreams but short of effort.

I continue to shout to the moon above, but never planned getting there.

I am spending my nights unproductive.

Maybe I should dream less and act more.

So I just thought to add a feature in this blog. Beside my personal stories, poems, opinions or other prose, I’ll also be posting my goals for each month, and then post my progress here from time to time. I’ll post it so I would be embarrassed if I couldn’t fulfill it. I’ll admit my if I really can’t, then give my lame excuses. Haha!

(I really thought of divulging my goal next time but it would be another procrastination. Hehe)

So my goal for this month is to never browse/surf the internet after midnight until 6 am in the morning. Therefore, I couldn’t write or post here in my blog after midnight.

This is to lessen my unproductive time spent surfing in the internet, and to get a lot of better sleep. I have to focus more on essential things or urgent tasks.

The only exception is:

If I am still at the office until midnight. (that happens sometimes!)

This goal will be up for 28 days. As I have read in some websites that, to cure a bad habit or to form a new habit, you have to do it 28 days straight so well do the same.

Consequence if I failed?

I have to add three thousand pesos to my tithe for the month.

Exciting 🙂

Let’s do this!

(great video from youtube!)



  1. hi kuya kimm.. tama. iwasan ko na nga rin mag post ng mga negativity. kaya lang kung ang pagba blog lang ang outlet, mukang magiging mahirap yun ah. nakaka relate ako, nakaka frustrate nga mag set ng mga goals tapos hindi ko naman na a accomplish. nakaka pressure talaga.

    • onga eh. 1st ko ang hirap pero kaya pa.. hehe 🙂

      • haha.. 1st pa lang yan ha. you still have 27 days.. good luck! kaya mo yan! 🙂

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