Posted by: kimmuel | 05/08/2010


It’s been a while since I last posted something in this blog. Haha. I have been busy with some other things lately and had a hard time finding time to write good stuffs here.

I have a lot of topics in my mind but it seems clueless on what topic to pick. Hmm… I’ll just let my fingers roll.. or type? 🙂

*I have this back pain in my back (haha! malamang!) and it is giving me a hard time at work. I have to stretch my arms and do some little bending from time to time to ease the pain. I suddenly got this when I decided to use the keyboard platform folded under my desk so that I have some space away from the computer monitor, and my eyes wont swell because of the glare. But because of this, I have developed this back pain. I’m still thinking if I should revert to my old desk setup.

*I feel sick today. I was sick only once since the start of the year. FYI. 🙂

*I had a good time watching videos about the Art of War by Sun Tzu on youtube. I’ll finish it later!

*I dreamt of a girl last night! It was the second time she was in my dream! More on that in a separate blog!

*I plan to improve my typing skills this year. I should follow proper positioning of fingers and type without looking at the keyboard. I should acquire that skill before the end of this year! haha! My typing sucks!

* I had the opportunity to share part of my life at an assembly of our chapter in SFC last friday. It was a liberating experience. I hope I have inspired some members there although I forgot my bible verses and inspirational quotes. That was my first time talking in front of them and I expect more sharings to come! 🙂

* I saw the movie Inception last Saturday and indeed, it was a good and unique movie. I had some headaches during the first part of the movie. Hehe

* It was my first time in a comedy bar last Saturday. I was with some SFC friends and they had some drinks there. I thought I was in the wrong place and my soul wasn’t comfortable enough. It just wasn’t my nature to be there… but It was a nice experience. Another first in my life.

* I’m thinking when is right timing to drink alcohol again. ( I mean beers, wine etc… Haha!) I haven’t tasted alcohol for two years and eight months now. Whew.

End of random thoughts.

To finish this entry, I’ll leave you guys with a video that touched me this week. It almost made me cry. As the theme of video suggests, we must care for our lolos and lolas as well our parents. Indeed, a very touching short film.

Final thoughts:

This life is about love.

So love to fullest to live life to the fullest.

Until then. ❤



  1. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts.Any way Ill be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon

  2. Thanks and keep post such a informative blogs.

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