Posted by: kimmuel | 24/03/2010


(a poem for Marie)

I wish, I am a masochist
who can endure all the pain
that is self inflicted
and find pleasure through my wounds
so that I could not feel
this knife stabbed in my heart

I wish, I could withstand
this journey of my heart
to treat you as a friend
to act like I do not care
to pretend-of not loving you
when in fact, I really do

I wish to the stars
in this sweet cold night
to bring me to slumber
so that I could be in my dreamland
in my heaven, with my angel
gazing in the night sky
holding hands together
in eternity
unlocking the shackles
of this bitter reality…

I wish, to walk in your pilgrimage
to follow my dream, my desire
to follow my heart, my happiness-my life
even if enigmatic roads would daze me,
and the heat could bring me to oblivion
I will not languish, will not succumb
‘cause there’s a hope in me
that at the end of this road
you’re there…waiting for me…
for the time to love…the time to express
the words “I love you”…

These wishes,
maybe too whimsical,
denude my heart
of its beats in lunacy;
give me the strength
to finish this journey
and lead me
to the end of the road
to the finish line-your heart
to the happily ever after
of our fairy tale-
our love story…



  1. Nice. Just what I always do – wish for the things that would make me happy. 🙂 Selfish or not? *shrug*

  2. selfish! Hehe 🙂

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