Posted by: kimmuel | 11/01/2011

Maria Clara


The first moment when my light shone on you
I felt something good in me, it was new
Is this the feeling of love that is true?
I’m confused, it was all because of you

I wake up each morning thinking of you
Being with you would be a dream come true
During sleep, I hug my pillows tight
‘Cause for me, it’s you I’m hugging all night

Days had passed, but not the feelings I have
Yes, It’s love! Should I be happy or sad?
We would be like the sky and the sea
I’ve nothing to offer, just being me

Your voice inspires me like waves in the sea
You’re like a flower and I’m your bee
That’s your beauty, more than my eyes can see
But… Can there be love between you and me?

My heart was shouting, I had to whisper
Friendship was the route, ice in the summer
To reach the dreamed angel… I tried to fly
Heaven was too high… Is this my goodbye?

Beats of my heart had been already said
In this poem I had written in my bed
The only question bouncing in my head
Can my true love turn your cheeks into red?


Written in May 21, 2006 01:38 AM

Above is one of my first poems ever. For a project in Philippine Literature class,  we must craft our own original poem and I submitted this one. I can still recall that I enjoyed writing this poem. I was in my bed, comfortably lying and looking at the ceiling, finding the right words in my dreams – while awake!. Hehe. I actually had an inspiration for this poem. I remember during those times, there was a cute and smart lady I really really like. I saw her just once in an event I attended, and I felt like there’s something so much special about her. She has this aura that I couldn’t describe, resist and it’s something that weakens my knees. Haha.

Enough of the chessyness!

Well, that poem shows how I felt. It’s just like a simple “love-at-first-sight” feeling.

Really good times! 🙂

*I changed the title of the poem for an obvious reason. hehe



  1. I like your poem. I remember the times that I wrote my poem for a project too..

    • thanks Grace 🙂 post mo din then gawa ka din blog, share your wonderful thoughts to the world! 🙂

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