Posted by: kimmuel | 23/07/2013

I am the Moon












I am the moon that shines
even in your darkest night
the jewel in the ceiling
of stars shining bright

and from the window
my love, gaze at me
with those beautiful round eyes
find me, in the romantic night-sky

if you’ll see me
like the Arabian crescent
imagine that I’m smiling at you
while half-moon is like
when I’m laughing
at your silly jokes
loving your humor
and full moon means
the fullness of my love –
giving you all my heart

cloudy skies may hide me
and stormy nights conceal
but I will never leave you, my love
just touch your heart, and feel
our happy radiant mornings

I am the moon
and like the Earth
you are the center of my world
and we, both revolve
wonderfully, in one Sun
in this beautiful universe

so when I am not with you
remember me through the moon
and like its embracing light
I’m longing to hug you so tight



053013 1214 – 071813 0811


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