Posted by: kimmuel | 16/10/2010

I’m Back (Part II)

I’m officially back in this site. woohoo! I really missed this site. A lot of things happened these past few weeks…

*My eldest sister got married last Oct.8 at Sacred Heart Parish in Quezon City. hay. Home will never be the same again…

*I got sick for three days and I still have a sore throat until now.tsk!

*My right eye is okay now. I endured the pulsation for two weeks! It  seems that it just needed some rest. The 5-day vacation from work helped a lot. I hope it would not happen again.. Nakakatakot! But I still spend a lot of time in front of the computer.. addict?! I need something else to do in my life. Time for love life?!  haha! Let’s see.

*18-0 record for San Beda Red Lions! Champion again! I went to the school for the victory party! It was fun being there and spending time with old friends! I really love my school!!!

Animo San Beda! 🙂

I think I need to stop now for my eyes to rest.

I’ll just share the Feast celebrationsthat I haven’t posted yet… Enjoy and learn how to…


Bo Sanchez fan? haha.


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