Posted by: kimmuel | 27/12/2010

Sleeping with Lights On

Whoa. I was shocked to know that sleeping with lights on is not good for health. I came across a video from youtube ( actually I am subscribed to Kerygma channel) that tells this fact. So I searched for more sites that would back-up this claim:

“sleeping with lights on may interfere with how our melatonin does its job of protecting our DNA. There’s this theory that melatonin is affected negatively when sleeping at night with lights on—especially with kids. However, what’s for certain is that suppressed melatonin activity or reduced melatonin amount can initiate cancer or even contribute to its progression.

With melatonin weakened to shield our DNA, the latter may become so susceptible to oxidation. The result may be a mutated DNA that runs berserk and turns horrifyingly carcinogenic. These are the findings of Professor Russel Reiter of the University of Texas. He teaches Cellular and Structural Biology.

Aside from leukemia, another possible result of lowered melatonin is tumor growth. Melatonin, this natural chemical in our bodies, prevents idle cancer cells from growing by obstructing fatty acids from going near these cells.”


Although I rarely sleep with lights on, this is still a concern for us. Nica, my dearest niece, sleeps with lights on most of the time!

I should tell people about this.

First post for December, just two days after Christmas. I post my Christmas blog soon!

God Bless! 🙂

Sleep with lights off!!!


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