Posted by: kimmuel | 28/10/2012

Patience is a Virtue

If last month is about “hindi ko mamadaliin”,  this month’s post is about the same theme – patience.

For the past few weeks, things seem to go out of my way. There are instances that test how long is my “pisi”. I wouldn’t like to dwell on negative things so I would never go into details here.  But of course, I am a good friend so I’ll give some concrete barriers este examples.

Cornerstone. Last last week, I had my first experience to be a “Cornerstone volunteer”.  By the way, for the benefit of my millions of readers around the world (take note MILLIONS) who are not  members of Singles for Christ, Cornerstone is  a program of SFC to teach children how to read and write primarily in English language as well as values formation. I hope I got that right. haha!

So it was a nice experience. I remember sharing my experience to the regular volunteers that it was like practicing to be a good father. Yeah, like an OJT session on teaching your child his school lessons. It was nice because it was learning experience for me too and it did test my patience.

It tested my patience in teaching the letters of the alphabet and its sounds. The name of my student is Jonathan. I was just a substitute tutor but I really tried hard to get the child’s attention and make those letters sit in his head. It really tested my patience because he’s not that attentive and focused. I feel like he wanted to run and play around. Honestly, I think I was able to get his attention and managed to make him memorized all the letters in his flash cards – at least at that moment. Haha!

Life is about relationships. Having an impact to the lives of  these children is really a great privilege. Cornerstone is somewhat similar to the Prison service, we are helping poor – loving them and giving them part of our precious time. Children in the Cornerstone program are likely those who are not supported by their parents in their studies,  maybe their parents are busy at work and can’t find time to teach their kids.

Too bad I have an exam on Saturday so I’ll skip the Cornerstone service again.

So this post has become a Cornerstone testimonial. Haha. At least I felt good writing my experience there. This post was really intended to be about patience and trusting the greatness of our God, but it seems that words just overflow spontaneously.

I have a lot of pending post: prison visits, rafael’s birth/day, new love poem hehe. I am looking forward to my great posts.

God Bless! 🙂

PS: Viral video from our SFC heads. ( You’d see me dancing in the video.. hehe )



  1. nice gregg!..keep it up!.. 🙂

  2. We’ll see you there again Teacher Kimmuel! Glad to hear stories like this.

    • wahaha.. naku nabasa mo pala ito hehe .. lagot hehe 🙂

      • Haha! Ngayon lang ulit nag browse eh, sorry naman! Why lagot? Okay nga eh…Miss ka na ni Jonathan, magpakita ka na dun :p

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