Posted by: kimmuel | 11/09/2010

I Have Nothing to Write

I feel that I have nothing interesting to share about my life this week. I began writing a short story today but can’t finish it and I feel it’s still not worthy to be published here. Hmm, maybe I would let it stay on my drafts folder a bit longer. I have other unfinished articles on that folder but I’m too lazy to finish them. Hmm, maybe for this week, I’ll just let my hands type anything straight from my mind.

Maybe, I’ll just do a little update on my life:

Random Thoughts – Part II

*I joined a badminton club in the office and it makes my Saturday schedule full. Well, I love playing badminton a lot. I love drop shots and outwitting my opponents. I just love it. So far, I enjoyed their company a lot and meeting new friends is something I look forward to. I just bought a new racquet. It’s quite expensive. Bad decision for a finance grad, but no regrets. Hehe

*I also joined a writing club. Hehe. active!!! But really, I envy their command in English and the wealth of their vocabulary. It seems that they could find the right words in no time. I hope I could have that skill someday. It’s quite obvious here that I’m just a feelinggero, trying hard to write in English in the hope of improving someday. I look forward to writing for the club someday. hehe. I will post their xlink next time.

*I also joined the Thomson Reuters Running Club. It’s a good thing that I joined because it will give me some bonding moments with my office mates. But I need to buy running shoes!!! I am excited for my first run.

*I also joined the Boy-next-door Club in the office. Haha. Just joking! But actually, we always loiter behind the doors. =)

*My sister is getting married next month. I will miss her a lot. Life will never be the same again. Hay, sadness. But life has to move on. In few years, I will leave our house to build my own…

*I still haven’t enrolled myself to a fitness club. My belly is already bulging. hehe. I should achieve that goal before the year ends. Abs?why not?haha.

* I’m spending a lot on taxi, food and merienda brought from my office mate’s sari-sari store in in her ped. Hay, I have been wasting a lot of money lately. I’ll be better next week.

*The dilemma on what career path to take has settled a bit. I’m quite tired of thinking these things and would like to relax more to enjoy each day. I am not in a hurry anyway. I am still young. 🙂

*I’d like to build a small business soon. How soon is soon?

* I’m tired of being negative. I just noticed this habit of mine. I feel positive today and then feel negative the next day, and then positive again. I’m just too tired of this routine! Haha.

I’m running out of words now.

I just want to say that  life is a wonderful gift from God. 🙂

I am missing the weekly The Feast because of my schedule at work, but I always watch the program through Youtube after the weekend.  Subscribe to Kerygma channel on your Youtube and receive tons of blessing. 🙂




  1. hey! thanks for visiting my site! and for the compliment about one of my entries. i can’t seem to find a chatbox here so i’m commenting here 🙂

    • xlinks? oo nga eh. walang chatbox sa wordpress but i still love it. =)

  2. im feeling it

  3. duuuuuuude, wassssssup

  4. Naks.. boy next door club.. apir**

    • haha. minsan lang mangarap, pagbigyan na.
      thanks sa paglakwatsa 🙂

  5. trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name

  6. ok how is this supposedto mean?

  7. *I also joined the Boy-next-door Club in the office. Haha. Just joking! But actually, we always loiter behind the doors. =)

    napatawa mo ko dito kimm! PALONG PALO!

    • haha joke nga eh. tsk tsk

      • yari ka bukas! asarin ka ni nikka!

        • duh boy next door tlga kimmy? hehehe

          • sabi lang nila yon, pero ndi naman talaga.. tsk tsk ewan ko ba sa kanila..:)

  8. Nice update kimm, pretty much active lately huh! Nice, keep praying lang for your future plans, pag iniisip ng iniisip mas sasakit ulo mo. haven’t seen you for a month na yata ah.. hope to see you soon. update ka lang. Di ako makapag blog lately.. Haist…

    • wala pala akong load. hehe

  9. Uo nga, di ka nagreply. that time lang din ako nagload..ahaha!

    may gagawin ka ata today eh.

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