Posted by: kimmuel | 01/08/2011

Our Love Story

DSE-Options Manila Love Story

This isn’t an ordinary love story. It’s a love story in the midst of work, and of people miles and miles of seas apart – the classic long-distance relationship.

Just an FYI: We, in Options-Manila Team, have ZERO love life. As in no one is in a relationship. We have no love affair at all! So for obvious reasons, we’re chasing for love – but not the ordinary love. It’s the love for quality and timeliness of options data. Instead of chasing girls in bars, we chase DSE people when there’s a suspect data. Hey, we don’t give flowers, but we do raise internal SRs. Our chocolates? We say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ in every request that we make. Just imagine our e-mails; it’s full of lovers’ quarrel! But it’s still a give and take relationship –Teamwork!

Recently, our team got married to DSE. And the contract? HMDGlobal-Options forum. It‘s a regular meeting which aims to address data/process issues with DSE, as well as to improve the overall quality and timeliness of options data. Yeah, this isn’t yet a BIG success story. But as our love story continues, we know that success is within reach. Honeymoon? Next time.

The above is my entry in a contest in our company with the theme ” Share Your Stories Campaign”. It’s a contest that aims to brag about the successes that we have in our company. There are three categories: What You Do Matters, Winning As One and Pushing Global Boundaries. Winners will be the top 3 stories in each category company-wide (all locations, world-wide). Top entry in each category would win an IPAD 2! Winners will be those entries that have the most number of LIKES!

My entry falls in the Winning As One Category.

Yeah, it’s really not-so success story but it’s unique in the sense that it’s enjoyable to read and is not-so boring.

As of this time, my entry has a 120 likes! Top likes to beat is 350!

Well, I don’t expect to win. I just tried it.

With all the wonderful comments I had for my article, especially those from the other side of the globe and from my friends, I am very much thankful and grateful to have tried posting an entry. In my heart, I feel that I am already a winner! Haha!

I want to win an IPAD 2!!!

Yeah, it’s been a wonderful ride.

Thank you. 🙂

Now Showing! MMC Dagupan 2011!


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