Posted by: kimmuel | 13/07/2010




Today, I’m thinking to be a vegetarian. Haha!

I was inspired by a preacher I watched on youtube earlier this morning. Hmm, he has some valid points there. But it’s quite hard to be one considering that I will be the first one in the family.

Maybe, I’ll give it a chance someday, when I have full control of my life. Well, at least when I am not anymore dependent to anyone.

Hmm, maybe I’ll be one someday.

But for now, I’ll eat my Crispy Pata.  🙂

Long live!!! (asa!)



  1. There are some free VSKs on the Internet. Of course, international shipping isn’t cheap nor free of charge. On the plus side, some vegetarian websites share free printable VSK PDFs for everyone. Hopefully more Pinoys in the Philippines will adopt a more vegetarian diet.

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