Posted by: kimmuel | 31/01/2011


Inspite of my busy schedule, I’d like to post something about the news that broke out last week. It is about the alleged corruption by AFP officials thru “pabaon” system. Angelo Reyes allegedly received over P50 Million pesos during his stay as the Cheif of Staff of the Armed Forces. It is also during this time that the government was actively waging a war against terrorism.

This revelation is so disgusting knowing the fact that the AFP is short in budget and our soldiers were going to war fields with less ammunition, no protective gears, low-class boots and with WWII-veteran arms.

Our poor soldiers were risking their lives for the country for the noble cause of national peace and order, while their superiors were plunging into luxurious lifestyle and fattening bank accounts. Imagine the hurt felt by the families who lost their love ones for the country after hearing this news. Hay.

Once in my life I dream of being a part of the military. I was even an officer in our CAT back in high school. I was patriotic, noble-minded and too idealistic. But my experience as an officer gave me the idea that I am not for this field. I hate it when I was under the leadership of bad leaders and I cannot do something about it. The only way was to go out of the service. And my attitude and nature as a person are not aligned with that of an ideal soldier. I am loving but I should be tough. I am kind but I should be bad. 🙂

I just think the system does not fit with me, but it was an experience worth remembering. The good times I shared with my CAT friends were the real purpose and meaning, the icing on the cake in my CAT-Highschool life. I just learned a lot from those experiences.

I hope these corruption issues would finally end. We really need a moral transformation as a people.


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