Posted by: kimmuel | 22/12/2011

Chaos Theory

Today is July 9, 2011. I am writing this post to kill time. I woke up early today for my shocking, knee-breaking and mind-boggling entrance exam for DLSU Graduate Studies. I am applying to be a student for the next term.

I am really not confident going into this exam. I had to schedule this exam for this weekend because I have no other choice. Next weekend will be busy days for me, I have a trip to Pangasinan for the Metro Manila Conference of the Singles for Christ. With this situation, I am forced to take the exam today because there are no other dates available, this is the second to the last entrance exam for students applying for the next term. I am forced to take this exam without much review! I don’t wan’t to wait next next term to enter graduate school, time is catching up on me.

I did take the risk. I am a risk-taker remember?

Anyways, I will do my best in this exam, and the rest, I will offer to that Man above. May He continuously bless me in my studies. Whatever happens, I will still keep on trying. I will continue to plant in the summer so that I could reap all the fruits of hard work in the winter. May God give me wisdom to answer well and pass this exam! God, Ikaw na bahala.

Your son

The above is a product of my low self-confidence, low faith on myself, and maybe, like what a friend texted me, low faith on Him whenever I am tested. Hmm, but I beg to disagree.. although not totally.

I guess all went well. After five months since writing the piece above, I have finished my first term in graduate school. Whew! Whatta ride it was. It’s not a joke, and I barely passed my subjects. I was tested bigtime. I felt hopeless although I had a feeling of acceptance for anything that may happen. The feeling was like: “Hey, I could not change it anymore but I learned a lot” attitude!

I learned a lot in Chaos!

I learned that time is so precious. Sacrifices in life are inevitable – health, quality time, family, service and sleep! Going back to school while working full-time was so tiring as the same time fulfilling because something is happening in my life, something is changing and that I am realizing many things. It’s a nice facet of life to go back to. It’s a heck of a ride!

“Hindi ko ito narating ng mag-isa” phrase of Dolphy struck me the most. Yes, finishing my first term was a reflection of that line. I have a lot to thank for.

It is with a feeling of relief writing all these. Haha!

Oh well I still have a lot of things to do.I learned that I have to be disciplined enough at a lot of things. Focus! But I’ll still do some things I really love, like dreaming, writing and serving. Yihii!!! I must really learn to be less quixotic.

I’ll try to write an article every week. I should write letters to my lover (my blog!), so love won’t die and we’ll keep the fire of love burning!

Life is short!

Tonight, I’ll rest and continue the fight early next year! Wish me good luck! I’ll sleep now.

Word of the day: quixotic (igoogle mo na!)
Quote of the day: Capital Market does not follow a random walk!

Oh God, You’ve been too good to me. Thank You and I love you.



  1. cool story bro

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