Posted by: kimmuel | 05/05/2012

Walk The Talk

I have big dreams.

I am a self-confessed day dreamer. I love dreams and dreaming.  Yes, I’ve got great dreams but the problem is that they are JUST dreams. I am not that focused to make them happen.

But I am doing it very slowly. Yes, I do decide and risk a lot in my life and I am making progress. I have two struggles:

-Nigas cogon

-Too Emotional 

Haha. I am spilling my beans here. Well, I read my past enties in my blog quite a lot so this is a great way to remember what I have written.

Back in college, I have written this for a journal:

The Informediary

Intermediary, information, form, media, diary – combine these words and you’ll get the name of the official newsletter of the Junior Financial Management Association (JFINMA). Even if the name may sound absurd, it must be heard by its profundity, meaning and essence.  As an intermediary, it will act as an “in-between” to the information and the finmans, which would establish a reliable medium of “FM connection”. While the endeavor is far from analyzing and interpreting figures, it shall take importance to its form, showing the wholistic diary of a finman personality.

True enough, misnomers are everywhere, but the The Informediary will never be one. It shall rather cease to exist and be buried to oblivion than to carry the shame of not being enough for its name.

 From this first issue and on, it shall, and it will, forever live on its name. Forever.

The said journal never published an issue, so the it’s all talk.. haha!

I would not want to be like this journal. (all talk now, walk to follow.) 

Walk the talk dude! 🙂

and stay on the light.. 🙂


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