Posted by: kimmuel | 03/02/2012

because of some things

I love the way
you stare at me
with your lovely eyes
like word puzzles
I’m interested
to find those lines
with my heart

the way
your hand travels
in the air and around
bends and flickers
is like memories
from past life
I couldn’t define

deja vu
or more than that
like a magnet
my soul’s binded
with something irrational
I fall in the trap
every single time

yes, I melt
with your smile
and with your eyes
like rainbows
my knees weaken
and my heart
is like an army
raising white flags

I’ve have fallen for you
since the first time
and I am faliing again
and again

but everytime I fall
i still chose to stand up
not because I am a coward
but because of some things

Some things
I’ll never surrender

I am a learned man.

oops. I just noticed I haven’t posted anything for the past month. Too bad! Well, I am just too much busy and lazy these days. Forgive me my dear readers and friends.

I have a lot to share and post here but I have a lot of things to do first. Haha. And add the fact that I am too lazy. I am always not in the mood to post anything here so that’s equals low productivity here. I have a lot ot share like my trip in CDO-Bukidnon-Camiguin, new year resolutions and others.

But today is a different day, I am quite “in the mood” to post something here. Well, it’s already February and maybe that is why I have posted the poem above. Yes, Single Awareness Month is the culprit!

Hmm… I think I should go now. God Bless!

Always remember that you are so much loved. 🙂


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