Posted by: kimmuel | 10/07/2010

I write when I’m sad


I write when I’m sad?

This time, I’m not writing because I am sad. I’m having a hard time sleeping so I decided to write some emo stuffs  here. Again!!! (joke).

As you might have noticed, I haven’t done a lot with this site. Hehe. Arrrrgh, I really want to write so badly … I’ll improve this site some other time. 🙂

Actually, I added some features here. Like the blogmark section ( blog+bookmark) where some of my favorite blog are linked, and I plan to add more links from time to time.

The blog rank feature: where my blog will be ranked from all Pinoy bloggers! (asa!)

I also added some tags and categories to organize my posts…

I’ll improve this site little by little.

Hmm, I really wanted a chatbox here but there’s no chat widgets here at wordpress.  I envy blogspot bloggers!!! Hay.. until this time, I’m thinking of transferring my blog to blogspot because of some good features there .. but wordpress is more user-friendly and looks simple… The blog stats feature is the “thing” that separates wordpress from other blog hosting sites. It’s so precise that you’ll love it so badly, that you’ll forget facebook and friendster. Haha!   -_-

I actually have a blogspot blog before. But I hate the layout and the skins! I just love the simple layout, so I fell in love with wordpress, then we had our honeymoon every night, with the keyboard and mouse.. haha.

here’s my old blog:

It’s quite an old blog. I love it when I reread my entries there, it gives me a glimpse of the past – the innocent, cheerful, kind guy that I am. ahum ahum! 🙂

I’d like to add Adsense for my blog so that I can earn some money writing here. (google adsense!) But wordpress does not allow money-making ads here except their own. With the dream of making money online, I created a site that would grow traffic ( for clicks/visits to a site) and earn money too.

I had it on blogspot :

It’s a boxing website. After sometime, I got tired of it. It’s hard pala. A lot of hard work is needed.

And I have a job as weel as other things to do… so I’ll just blog for fun.


hmm.. shallow topic but I think it good to have more of this kind of topic here.

goodnight. 🙂 I’m sooo sleepy now!

God bless!!!


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