Posted by: kimmuel | 24/07/2011


Today is not Monday.

I am stuck here in our house (Manila) and just have postponed going home in Bulacan this weekend. It’s been raining continually all day. I am a bit anxious of going out today because of the rain. I lost my wonderful umbrella last month… Hmmm, I think.. I just can’t remember when and where, it just got lost. Hehe

It’s really important to me. It has been with me for more than a year before it got lost. It’s an automatic, black colored with checked design, super-stylish umbrella. With one click, and poof! It’s open. It’s usually in my bag every single day. I just wonder how it got lost.

I have few assumptions:

(1) One day, it was really raining hard and then I chose to run in the rain, indulge in its every drop and play with them like an innocent child. My umbrella got really jealous and walked out of my bag one night.

(2) One day, I was walking along Ayala Avenue when the cloud just decided to cry hard. No dark clouds, no moist wind nor rumblings of the sky, simply for no valid reason, the raindrops decided to fall. So I decided to open my umbrella as a protection from the acid rain. Then, I saw a lady and decide to share it with her. 🙂

Just like number 1, my umbrella got really jealous and walked out of my bag one night.

(3) I left it in the taxi after a ride. I imagined my umbrella screaming hard:

Kimmmm! Don’t leave me my master! Nooooooo! I need you!!!

Haha, it’s been fun writing these silly imaginations!

I hope my umbrella is happy where she is now. I wish her all the best that umbrella-life can offer.

I will really miss you baby.

Rainy days will never be the same again…

Running out of topics,



  1. Blessing na yun sa nakapulot ng payong mo Kimm..btw..grabe ang imagination… 🙂

  2. dahil sa payong nabaliw si kimm…

  3. ayos kung mg-imagine.! regaluhan na lang kita ng kakaibang payong sa bday mo!..hahaha..

    • naku lhen ang tagal pa nun, madami pang bagyong susunod 🙂 ibang regalo na lang please?hehe 🙂 nice song sa FB ah 🙂

  4. hahaha anung giFt ba gusto mo?..^_^

    • God’s Gift 🙂 hehe

      • Napangiti ako dito 🙂
        Okay yan Kimmy..I’ll pray for your heart..

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