Posted by: kimmuel | 07/09/2010

Dream Girl

I had a weird dream for the past two nights. It was a repeating dream! The scene, the setting and the characters are all the same.  I woke up in awe and thought that it was amazing. 🙂

All I can remember is I was with a girl, a tisay-type with a long wavy brown hair. We were at the backseat of a car and enjoying our time together. Her brother was actually driving the car.

She giggled cutely.

Laughed hard.

We had a great time.

And then she stood up.  Her lips were just inches from mine, then she ki…

And poof! I woke up. Argh!!!

Hmm. I’m just wondering who’s that girl?! I didn’t see her face. Maybe she’s my God’s gift or just a pigment of my imagination. Maybe we had the same dream and we will meet each other soon! Hehe

I hope I’ll meet her again, not just in my dreams. 🙂

Hmm…  maybe I’m just thinking too much these days. tsk tsk



  1. great…

  2. nice…. tisay and long wavy brown hair….. sabihin ko kay kaye magpaputi na siya at magpakulay ng buhok.. hehehehe

    • okay din naman yung chinita type 🙂 yihii

  3. U will find her 1 day

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